Eataly World Theme Park to open in Italy

Eataly World Theme Park to open in Italy

If you are looking for excellence in Italian food then Eataly World Theme Park is it. The main goal of this park is to feature the best examples of Italian food.


Oscar Farinetti owns Eataly World and his main goal of starting this theme park was to help boost tourism in Italy. He also hopes this trade show fanfare will be a radical step towards boosting food exports in the same way Milan Fashion week did for the fashion industry of Italy. There are many food businesses representing in this fair. This Park is designed to encourage the love and popularity of Italian food.


Eataly World is a famous food chain and is found across America and is hoping to be listed in the stock market in the coming years.


The idea behind this Park is to give visitors the whole experience of fresh food straight from the farm to their plate~ there is absolutely no preservatives or processed food among the fresh food. There's not only the food that you can eat; the park will also feature workshops that teach you how to make pasta, how to make fresh pesto, pizza and the works!


Eataly World Theme Park features over 45 restaurants and stalls that create everything from fresh gelato to pizza. The Park is spread out over a vast 10,000 square meter on the outskirts of Bologna.


This is a fantastic venture to improve the demand for Italian food and culture. Italian food is simple and wholesome, and something that the company hopes to spread through the theme park and through their stores.




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