Travel to destinations in England and Ireland.

Travel to destinations in England and Ireland.

England and Ireland are two of the most popular tourist destinations for Americas looking to travel abroad. Here are some of the “can’t miss” places in those two countries.




On some level, major metropolitan cities have a number of similarities worldwide. There are undoubtedly blocks, or even whole neighborhoods, of London that wouldn’t look out of place in New York, Tokyo, or any other mammoth urban area. That being said, London is special. Yes, it has all of the convenience and culture of a big city but it also has a rich history, political landmarks, and a number of world-class museums.




If you’re going to visit the English capitol, why not stop over in the Irish one, as well. Though not nearly the size of London, Dublin is still unmistakably a city. It also has wonderfully preserved historical sites including 13th century castles and some beautiful churches. Also, don’t forget to visit the Guinness Storehouse.




No trip to the British Isles would be complete without stopping by Stonehenge. The prehistoric monument has baffled people for ages. Current estimates have it being build between 3000 and 2000 BC. See it with your own eyes and try to imagine people thousands of years ago constructing it without modern technology.


The Cliffs of Moher:


Back to Ireland, visit the amazing Cliffs of Moher – a beautiful stretch of lush green land that comes to an abrupt stop as it meets the water. The cliffs are hard to capture in words but are wonderful in pictures and absolutely breathtaking in person. Soak up the power of nature as you stand and watch the sea crash against the cliffs.


This is just scraping the surface. Both countries have plenty to offer so pack your bags and go explore

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