Travel in opulence in new private Grand Suites on the Orient Express

Travel in opulence in new private Grand Suites on the Orient Express

The Venice Simplon-Orient-Express is an opulent way to travel the London-Venice route. Three new Grand Suites have been added to the train.  This is what we mean when we say you will travel in opulence inside these suites in the Orient Express. 


The Grand Suite Venice Simplon-Orient-Express is an expression of luxury and leisure while traveling on a train. The features of this suite include:

  • Private bathroom with shower, toilet, and wash sink, some amenities and designer bathrobes. 
  • Double/twin bedroom. 
  • A living area for private dining.
  • A sofa that can be converted into another bed.
  • Steward service that includes caviar on boarding and unlimited champagne throughout the journey.
  • "A la carte" menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  
  • Choice of a car for dining and sitting time, or in-suite dining. 


Gary Franklin, Managing Director, Belmond Trains & Cruises, who manages the Orient Express, said, “This is a one of a kind restoration project; we are going to completely transform the individual classic cabins into three exceptional suites. This is such an exciting project (allowing us to) offer guests spacious accommodation with private bathrooms and showers. The designs are sensitive to the original history of the carriages and each cabin is inspired by the city it represents,”


The Grand Suite Venice Simplon-Orient-Express has a design lead by London-based Wimberly Interiors. Rachel Johnson, Vice President and Studio Director, Wimberly Interiors said, “It was extremely important when developing the design concept that we embraced the unique story and history of the brand. To capture the epitome of classic luxury travel that the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express exudes, we focused on moments within each city, inspiring visual cues and the overall Belmond guest experience. It was an exciting challenge to use this inspiration to recreate the essence of art deco glamour in an elegant and timeless design.” 

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