The Neon Museum in Las Vegas

The Neon Museum in Las Vegas

The Neon Museum is an outdoor display of signs from old casinos and old businesses. It comprises an area of over 6 acres.  To protect the signs from deterioration from the elements, the museum, property of the Young Electric Sign Company, has been restoring them and placing them around the Fermont Street Experience.


The park opened in 1996 as the City of Las Vegas partnered with the Allied Arts Council of Southern Nevada.  It is located on Las Vegas Boulevard and Bonanza.  It runs as an independent non-profit now. 

In 1996, at the time when the museum was opened, the famous Hacienda Horse and Rider was lit at the intersection of Freemont Street and Las Vegas Boulevard. 

Being non-profit, they rely on donations captured through the Sign Conservation Fund, which restores, rehabilitates, and preserves the signs.

The museum adds signs to their collection at a rather slow pace.  In recent years, the museum has added three signs to the median of Las Vegas Boulevard.   

The Collection 

In 2012, the Neon Museum Boneyard was opened.  This two-acre campus includes what is known as the Boneyard, an outdoor exhibition space featuring over 200 signs.  The boneyard includes the visitor's center, which is the inside of the former La Concha Motel lobby.

Out of these 200 signs, 11 have been restored.  The Museum also includes a collection of nine restored signs that can be viewed 24 hours a day, every day.  

La Concha Visitors Center

The visitor's center is the restored historic La Concha Motel lobby.  It is a clear testimony of Mid-century modern designs characterized by space-age motifs and shapes.  It was built in 1960 next to the Riviera Hotel on Las Vegas Boulevard South.

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