The Grand Hotel in Yorkshire offers helicopter transfers

The Grand Hotel in Yorkshire offers helicopter transfers

Yorkshire’s 5-star Grand Hotel & Spa now offers a service that includes a from-home pickup by a helicopter. Instead of waiting at home for a taxi to take them to the airport, the hotel’s guests will now wait for a helicopter to land in their backyard and take them, VIP style, to near the hotel’s premises, where a luxurious Range Rover will wait for them to transfer them to the hotel. This special package costs around £1000 and includes a flight back home.

The idea for such a luxurious service was inspired by guests who visited the hotel. It is one of the hotel’s latest Premium Service initiatives. In March, the hotel will open new rooms, 100 of them to be precise, which will double its size.

The hotel expansion is worth £15 million, and includes a new arrivals lounge, and a luxury executive lounge. Last summer, “The Rise”, a new purpose-built restaurant was opened, while the Hudson’s by Craig Atchinson, the hotel’s fine dining restaurant, was remodeled.

The Grand Hotel & Spa’s general manager stated that the hotel is trying to appeal to all unique requests that their guest have in order to provide a stay that they will remember. The helicopter transfer was one of those requests.

In order to turn this idea into reality, the hotel has teamed up with the local aviation company, which will, depending on the number of guests, use two types of helicopters. Of course, “directly from home pickups” will not be always possible, but those who don’t have a large enough back yard, will be picked up from the nearest open area.

As for the helicopter models that will be used for this service, the guest can expect to fly in a Bell 206 Jet Ranger or the Robinson R44. From the drop off point, the guest will be transferred by the Yorkshire Chauffeur Company, in luxurious Range Rovers all terrain vehicles.


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