An annual festival in Valletta, Malta

An annual festival in Valletta, Malta

Planning vacations in the paradise of Malta? Maybe we can help you narrow it down.  You have probably checked on calendars of activities in Malta for this year.  You discovered that the Maltese have many cultural and religious activities taking place throughout the year. 

You might want to visit Valletta, the capital of this beautiful Mediterranean island nation. Visiting this city is truly a celebration of tourism, adventure, and diversity.  There are so many things to do in this city. 

You can visit cathedrals, try Mediterranean food, visit the National Museum of History, or attend a concert at the opera.  But one of the highlights of the city is the annual festivities they hold throughout the year. 

Valletta is an antique baroque city with the first foundation stone having been laid in 1566. This year, Valletta and Leeuwarden are the European Capitals of Culture. To preserve its uniqueness, the city has had only minor changes since the 17th Century. 

One such festivity is the Valletta International Baroque Festival. This annual festival was launched in 2013 and features the most prominent baroque music representatives. 

Despite being started only five years ago, this festival takes place in one of the oldest working theaters in the world, Teatru Manoel. It also has smaller events in some baroque historical venues around the city. They include the St. John’s Co-Cathedral and the Grandmaster’s Palace.

This year, the event has managed to gather important figures of the Baroque music scenery from Malta and the world. They all will gather to contribute to the celebration of Malta's capital. 

This year's edition will venture out of Valletta to two other walled cities, Mdina and Birgu (also known as Vittoriosa). A concert will also be taking place at the Verdala Castle, the country residence of the Maltese president. 

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