When warned about severe road conditions, why do people still drive?

When warned about severe road conditions, why do people still drive?

Severe road conditions are extreme situations that occur usually through the act of nature that render all driving dangerous. The weather conditions termed as severe includes a combination of fog, ice, snow, poor visibility, blowing and drifting snow. In such circumstances, motorists are usually advised to alter their travel plans by canceling or at least delaying travel until the weather changes to allow safe travel.

In an ideal situation, there should be no motorists on the roads. Since that is not usually the case, we look at why some people still drive despite the warnings on severe road conditions.

The need to be at work on time.

Some employers will not consider the weather when demanding their employees’ punctuality. Most companies will put profits first before anything else. Such a situation will have an employee driving to work regardless of how severe the road conditions may be.


Getting caught in severe road conditions when one is already out driving.

The road conditions may be safe as one starts out but then change somewhere along the way. In a case like this, one may be forced to keep driving to avoid getting stuck on the road especially if the conditions seem to be getting worse.


Attending to urgent matters that cannot be postponed or delayed.

Sometimes an urgent and pressing matter that cannot wait might occur. One might need to pick up kids from school, rush home to be with their infant child, or even transport someone to hospital. Depending on the level of urgency, people can still find themselves driving even when they have been warned not to.


Sheer disregard for rules, regulations, and warnings.

Some people will not change their travel plans just because they do not want to. Others will drive in such conditions because they are adventurous and that is their way of having fun or testing their driving ability. They forget they are also putting other people in jeopardy.



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