Where is the Apache Death Cave?

Where is the Apache Death Cave?

In Winslow Arizona, hidden near the ghost town called Two Guns, lies the Apache Death Cave. It gets the name from a series of tales proclaiming mysterious deaths. The people who live nearby have also reported hearing ghostly footsteps and disembodied groans coming from the caves. The horrible stories of a massacre that happened at the Apache Cave in 1878 have also served to wind the imaginations of most people, and every account surrounding the cave has been beyond creepy. Local tribes say that the whole land around the Apache Cave is cursed.

Why it is called a Death Cave

In 1878, some Apache raiders attacked a Navajo village and killed almost everyone. It is said that only three girls were left alive. Along with the property that they looted from the encampment, the Apache raiders took the three girls as prisoners.

The Navajo leaders decided to send 25 men to seek revenge. The men looked everywhere but could not track the Apache raiders. Some weeks had passed when the raiders hit another Navajo encampment. This time, the Navajo leaders sent scouts to search the entire Canyon Diablo. The scouts were just about to give up the search when they discovered hot air coming from an underground cave. The Apache raiders had an underground hideaway that was roomy enough for them with their horses. Big enough to light a bonfire!

The Navajo scouts gathered some driftwood and sagebrush to start a fire at the mouth of the cave. To avoid suffocation, the Apache raiders on the inside killed their horses and used their corpses to seal off the smoke emanating from their attacker’s tactics. One of the Apache raiders luckily managed to get out and beg for mercy. Abiding by their custom, the Navajo were willing to listen.

On finding out that the three abducted girls were killed, the Navajo scouts were enraged and murdered all the Apache soldiers. The hideout became a mass grave for 42 Apache soldiers.




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