Egyptian pyramids

Egyptian pyramids

Egypt isn’t very interested country. It is mostly desert, and because recent terrorist problems in this area, isn’t very popular for tourists! But there is one place in Egypt where every person on the planet wants to go! I believe that many people have already been there. The mentioned place is Giza!

Pyramids here are magnificent! It is still unknown how ancient Egyptian made them. There are many theories, but it is impossible to prove them! The one thing we know is that more than 100.000 workers were needed for construction of just one pyramid! Many historians claims that they were made by slaves, but, because Pharaohs were worshiped in ancient Egypt, more reasonable explanation is that volunteers build them! Although, their building process is still unknown, the reason why they were built is known. They are tombs for Pharaohs. The shape of them represents descending rays of the sun. When they were made, all pyramids were covered with a highly reflective white limestone. The viewers could see pyramids from a long distance. This white limestone cannot be seen on any of the pyramids, because it was stolen. The same situation is inside, where tomb robbers stole almost all historical objects! According to the latest information, there are 118 or 138 pyramids. The exact number of them cannot be determined, because many of the pyramids are destroyed. The oldest pyramid is The Pyramid of Djoser (build 2630 BC–2611 BC)!

If you haven’t visited this place, pack your bags and go! Egypt is a very cheap country, so visiting this magnificent place is affordable.


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