Best countries to live in

Best countries to live in

If you have a good job and you live well, there is no reason to change your country, but if you want to live better, there are some countries that can offer you more. Depending on your nationality you can or cannot live and work in a foreign country. General rule is that residents of US, Canada, Australia and countries that are member of the European Union, can live and work in any country they want. If you want to move to another country, here are some of the best countries for life in 2015.

1.    Denmark is the best. It is also the ‘’happiest’’ country in the world. It has stable economic growth. Also, there is no corruption and it has zero crime rates. Employees get 18 weeks of paid leave and 79% of women work. In addition, it is very nice country.
2.    Norway is a safe choice. Life expectancy for men in 50 years and for women is 47. This country has a lot oil reserves, which make it very rich. Residents also get fresh air, water and healthiest food. 
3.    Switzerland is the most expensive country to live in, but they also have the highest salaries. Also, Switzerland is the country that pays a lot of attention to the environment. 
4.    Netherlands offer a good life for their citizens. They have a good education, pets are allowed in any shop or building and they have low crime rates. Maybe the best thing about this country is the freedom residents have.
5.    Sweden is the third largest country in Europe, but it has only 9.7 million citizens. Also, it is the best country for women.


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