Where are the Fairy Pools in Scotland?

Where are the Fairy Pools in Scotland?

The Fairy Pools are on south end of the Isle of Skye in Scotland. To reach the Fairy Pools, you will start outside the village of Carbost and hike up the largest mountains on Skye called the Cuillin. The River Brittle has many tributaries that flow down the Cuillin. One of these tributaries has many waterfalls. If have to follow the stream up to the top to find the Fairy Pools. The only way to get there is a hard day's hike. It may take about 45 minutes for you to get there. It is about 2.4 km from the ‘Glumagan Na Sithichean’ where you can park your car. This is the forestry commission gravel car park.


The trail crosses a lot of streams so remember to wear waterproof hiking boots to keep your feet dry. Be prepared for rain as the weather is very unpredictable. Wear or carry a waterproof jacket and a backpack to carry some snacks and especially a camera because the view on the trail and of the fairy pools is what is made in dreams! The trail and the Fairy Pools are popular destinations for photographers. If you are brave, you can swim in the pools, but be aware that the water is icy cold. 


The whole island of Skye is very popular for campers and hikers. You can find accommodation in the villages of Glenbrittle and Bualintur or stay at the Glenbrittle campsite.



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