What You Should Know Before Traveling to Scotland

What You Should Know Before Traveling to Scotland

Scotland is a very unique and different country. It is known for the green fields, hills and mountains. Although, many people remember this country for the Highlands, there are Lowlands as well. In general, this is an interesting tourist destination. The size of Scotland is 78,387km2. The population is 5.327.700. The capital is Edinburgh. But the biggest city is Glasgow.
There is no border control between England and Scotland. Also, the visa requirements are the same as the rest of the United Kingdom. This means that they didn’t fully implemented the Schengen Agreement. Citizens from some countries require a visa. The best way to determine do you need a visa is to visit your embassy.
There are 6 airports in Scotland. They are: Aberdeen International Airport, Edinburgh Airport, Glasgow International Airport, Glasgow Prestwick International Airport, Inverness Airport and Dundee Airport. All of them have regular connections to the rest of the Europe. This is also the best way to travel to Scotland. If you are coming from England, you can travel by train. There are good connections between these two countries. You can travel by Virgin Trains East Coast or Transpennine Express. There are several more trains that operate between England and Scotland.
The official language is English. It is spoken by the entire population. However, 33% of the population speaks Scottish Gaelic. This is their traditional language. Most of those people live in Highlands.
The official currency is the Pound Sterling. There are three national banks in Scotland. The most popular souvenir is kilt. A real kilt can cost you between $500 and $600.




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